The Free Indie Reader 1 HTML version

The Free Indie Reader #1
An Anthology of Short Stories by Indie Authors
Since the online self-publishing revolution began a few years ago, I've been on the lookout for
great indie authors, and my efforts have been rewarded many times over. Most of these discoveries
have come from writers who have put their work out there for free. Motivations may vary, but they all
share a common underlying impulse to help their stories find an audience. There is an enormous ocean
of books out there, and each new one reminds me of a paper boat set out somewhere on a quiet stream
full of dreams. Through various mechanisms of publicity, writers and their readers try to help those
boats along their way, and I've tried to do my part. I've reviewed and blogged and tweeted and posted
within my limited reach to assist these stories in their journeys. Most recently it occurred to me that I
could do a little more, by gathering some of my favorites together and publishing an anthology. This
collection contains some of my favorite stories by some of my favorite indie authors, and also one by
myself. I'm grateful to all of the authors, not only for letting me re-publish their stories here, but also
for all the joy they've given me through their wonderful writing.
Tom Lichtenberg
―The Previous Owner‘s Shopping List", from the book “Stack”
Copyright©Les Éditions du Zaporogue, June 2012
Copyright 2013 by Paul Samael
―Bubble Gum Bicycle Man"
―Freedom/Stairs", from the book “Day Gazing”
Copyright 2012 by Carla R. Herrera
―Tesla‘s Secret Part One", from the book ―Tesla‘s Secret"
Copyright 2013 by Carla R. Herrera
―TheChicken Nugget of Peace" and ―The Devil Still Has My Lawnmower", from the book