The Flower Guarding Bells HTML version

objects were.
The old man asked, “Where is it?”
Another man answered, “Gone up already!”
The old man said sternly. “Follow!” as he took big steps towards the peak.
The winds revealed a sword scabbard underneath his cloak.
The older woman said with melancholy, “Today, Father…” Her lips moved
halfway, the sentence she was trying to complete was unable to continue.
A thin young man turned back and looked at a young man and a young
maiden, pausing awhile before sighing. “Fourth Sister and Fifth Brother, you
should remain at the mountain slope. After he finished speaking, he sprang up to
join Long Fei and his lady.
The young man and woman both exchanged glances. For a long time, none
Southern Peak was Mt. Huashan summit. The beautiful young maiden
appeared and said in a low voice. “You have come.” There were four other women
behind her.
Below the summit, a voice was heard. “This ten-year promise Long Bushi
has not forgotten. Why is the Lady not here to welcome an old friend?” His voice
was not high pitched yet when every word was traversed up, it was heard very
clearly in the ears.
The extremely beautiful young maiden gave a cold smirk in response.
The old man asked. “Is this the Huashan summit? Are you Danfeng’s
(Phoenix) follower?”
The extremely beautiful young maiden coldly replied “That’s right!”
The old man said solemnly. “Where is Danfeng Ye Qiubai?”
The extremely beautiful maiden looked thoughtfully at the old man, sizing
him up, and replied, “You are ‘Immortal Divine Dragon’, Long Bushi?”
The old man looked stunned. Suddenly, he burst into laughter and in a clear
voice said, “Marvelous, marvelous! Never did I expect someone in the Pugilistic
Fraternity to address me by my title to my face!”
The extremely beautiful young maiden smiled sarcastically and glanced at
the sky. “Marvelous, marvelous! Never did I expect someone to use my Mentor
Mistress’ title to my face.”
The old man turned to the older woman who was with him and, pointing to
the beautiful young maiden and her four followers, asked, “This is Ye Qiubai’s
Four pairs of eyes sparkled and flickered over his body, and the green
gowned women said in unison together, “That’s right!”
Long Bushi turned back in anger and said, “Your Mentor Mistress and I had