The Flower Guarding Bells HTML version

Life and Death, Love and Hatred, Affection and Feud,
Benevolence and Vendetta.
In the eyes of the people in the Pugilistic Fraternity, these are like sharp
blades; their differences separated only by a very thin line.
Chapter One
Between Life and Death
There were five people following her. One of them was a big man in black
carrying a sheathed sword that was laughing and saying to an older woman in the
group. “What an arrogant little girl. I’m afraid she is three times more obnoxious
than you when you were younger!”
The older woman gave a gentle laugh, replying. “Really?”
The big man in black kept laughing and said. “Truly! Whoever marries her,
will surely feel more tortured than me, Long Fei!”
The laughter stirred the Four Corners of the mountains. It was filled with
love as the older woman leaned against his chest, his laughter and hers becoming
The lad behind them suddenly gave a shout. “Mentor Master has arrived.”
Their laughter ceased. Behind them was an old man dressed in cotton garments
with a cloth over his head and walking in broad strides.
Each one of the old man’s steps was a yard apart, and his garments seemed
to flutter and float as he moved. Behind him were two men who seemed to be
carrying something on their backs although no one could see carefully what the
The night sky was devoid of clouds. Amidst the fog stood a demure,
alluring and extremely beautiful young maiden. One hand held her flowing hair
and the other hand her soft outer garment. Yet without slowing her pace, she
continued on.
Along the treacherous mountain trails, there appeared several people. The
young maiden raised her eyebrows and gave a faint laugh, a laugh that seem to
warm the frosty air but filled with poisonous intentions; it was hard to believe that
such a laugh would come from this demure beautiful maiden.
As the laughter traveled, those walking on the mountain trails sprang
forward. In a blink of the eye, they were already in front of the young woman. The
extremely beautiful young woman looked knowingly with her eyes and coldly said,
“Come with me!” As she turned her slim body and moved several yards, never
once looking back. She leapt several times, and soon she was on top the Southern