The Flirt Playbook HTML version

The Flirting Playbook™ by Derek Rake
Men, for one, need to take certain actions in order to impress their choice of women: humor,
intelligence, money, confidence and social status are all a part of this.
Just like male apes beating their chests, these are merely several signals that we emit to show
how worthy and desirable we can be to women. This is why flirting is considered as a mating
Moreover, flirting is actually done unconsciously, just like with the animals. Do animal mating
rituals look preplanned to you? Well, they aren't.
The truth is: these rituals all come from nature and are done to keep the life cycle going. Each
creature on this planet was bred for this particular purpose, after all - human beings included.
And, as with animals, human beings do not think before they flirt; they simply flirt. As a matter
of fact, we only become aware of flirting when it ends up backfiring.
Each guy on earth has come across a situation where some girl flirted with him and ended up
acting annoyed after he flirted back.
She may have said something like, "Sorry, you simply aren't my type." or "You're a great friend."
This will confuse the guy as guys often misinterpret the friendly signals of girls as sexual
attraction. They are not.
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