The Flirt Playbook HTML version

The Flirting Playbook™ by Derek Rake
The Art of Seductive Flirting: What The Master
Seducers Know That Other Men Don’t Have A
Clue About…
Dressing up to impress the opposite sex, complimenting them, and sending cheesy pickup lines
their way are all various techniques created to attract women, but do you really know what
flirting entails?
In a nutshell, flirting refers to a sort of mating ritual that isn't exclusive to human beings alone.
Take animals, for example. Do you ever wonder if the songs that birds sing have any meaning to
them? Do you think it's only a coincidence that peacock feathers are so colorful and stylish?
Have you ever wondered why apes beat their chests like that?
Well, there is a simple answer to all of that: they are a small part of these animals' mating
Although flirting tactics tend to be one-of-a-kind for every species out there, their goals aren't.
Human beings need to use nonverbal and verbal cues to attract potential mates.
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hat do you know about flirting? This question might seem easy since we've all at
least tried to get it done properly a couple of times.