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[Staring] Are you ill?
[LARRY stands still again and heaves a deep sigh.]
KEITH. [Rising, with his back to the fire, and staring at his brother] What is it, man?
[Then with a brutality born of nerves suddenly ruffled] Have you committed a murder
that you stand there like a fish?
LARRY. [In a whisper] Yes, Keith.
KEITH. [With vigorous disgust] By Jove! Drunk again! [In a voice changed by sudden
apprehension] What do you mean by coming here in this state? I told you---- If you
weren't my brother----! Come here, where I can we you! What's the matter with you,
[With a lurch LARRY leaves the shelter of the wall and sinks into a chair in the circle
of light.]
LARRY. It's true.
[KEITH steps quickly forward and stares down into his brother's eyes, where is a
horrified wonder, as if they would never again get on terms with his face.]
KEITH. [Angry, bewildered-in a low voice] What in God's name is this nonsense?
[He goes quickly over to the door and draws the curtain aside, to see that it is shut,
then comes back to LARRY, who is huddling over the fire.]
Come, Larry! Pull yourself together and drop exaggeration! What on earth do you mean?
LARRY. [In a shrill outburst] It's true, I tell you; I've killed a man.
KEITH. [Bracing himself; coldly] Be quiet!
LARRY lifts his hands and wrings them.
[Utterly taken aback] Why come here and tell me this?
LARRY. Whom should I tell, Keith? I came to ask what I'm to do-- give myself up, or
KEITH. When--when--what----?
LARRY. Last night.