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1. Introduction
Hi, this is Winston Yap and Thomas Choo from Ranking Storm, Asia’s
Underground Internet Marketing Duo who have achieved 100%
results for 100% of our clients at
We don’t care if this is possibly the 1001st e-book you’re reading
related to Internet marketing – I’m willing to bet that you’re one of
the 99% of the Internet entrepreneurs out there who don’t really
understand what it takes to become successful online.
Trust us; you ain’t hear nothing from us yet.
This is NOT another Internet marketing book teaching you how to
make money online. There are already thousands of such books out
there you can find on any Internet marketer’s mailing list and
Clickbank. The world does not need another "how to make
money online" book.
This is a series of controversial ideas, techniques and concepts that
forms a mindset that leads to what we call “The Enlightened
Internet Marketer”. In fact, I bet this report would offend many
Internet marketing gurus but I guess it’s time we got this out.
We are not professional writers, so don't expect perfect literature
stuff in here. We are just ordinary people who have been through the
struggles of aspiring Internet entrepreneurs, the only difference
being that we are out of the rut, and are here to share our
It is our hope that you will benefit from this report just by being
more "aware" of the pitfalls and tribulations in the Internet Marketing
arena. Even if you are a complete newbie, knowing these pitfalls can
certainly help you avoid them as you tread along in the path to the
coveted Internet marketing success that many seek (and failed along
the way).
If you can't wait to see how we are "enlightened", we have prepared
a secret blueprint for you, for your free download:
The Final Truth
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