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31. Physostigmin
The first drug store we found was unable to supply us. At a second we had better luck.
All in all, we were back at the Manton Pictures plant in a relatively few minutes, a
remarkable bit of driving on the part of the district attorney.
Shirley was still in the set. Kennedy at once administered the physostigmin, I thought
with an air of great relief.
"This is one of the rare cases in which two drugs, both highly poisonous, are definitely
antagonistic," he explained. "Each, therefore, is an antidote for the other when properly
Marilyn was chafing Shirley's cold hands, tears resting shamelessly upon her lids, a look
of deep inexpressible fear in her expression.
"Will--will you be able to save him, Professor?" she asked, not once, but a dozen
different times.
None of the rest of us spoke. We waited anxiously for the first signs of hope, the first
indication that the heavy man's life might be preserved. It was wholly a question whether
the physostigmin had been given to him quickly enough.
Kennedy straightened finally, and we knew that the crisis was over. Marilyn broke down
completely and had to be supported to a chair. Strong, willing arms lifted Shirley to take
him to his dressing room.
At that moment Kennedy stood up, raising his voice so as to demand the attention of
everyone, taking charge of matters through sheer force of personality.
"I have come here this afternoon," he began, "to apprehend the man or woman
responsible for the death of Miss Lamar and Mr. Werner, for the fire in the negative
vault, and now for this attempt upon the life of Mr. Shirley."
Not a sound was evident as he paused, no movement save a vague, uneasy shifting of
position on the part of some of those who had been on the point of leaving.
"I have indisputable evidence of the guilty person's identity, but, nevertheless, for reasons
which I will explain to you I have not yet completed my identification. To do so it is
necessary that certain photographed scenes be projected on the screen and that certain
other matters be made perfectly clear. I am very anxious, you see, to eliminate the
slightest possibility of error.
"Mr. Mackay here"--Kennedy smiled, very slightly--"is the district attorney with
jurisdiction at Tarrytown. At my request, since yesterday--or, to be exact, since the death