The Fatherless Nest HTML version

The world drastically changed when Ule
boarded the plane for Brazil. He knew he
would never see his father again. At least
not until a long time had passed. The last
thing he remembered was his parents
screaming at each other. “I’VE HAD
ENOUGH, THIS IS IT” his mother yelled.”
In the wee hours of the morning, then si-
lence lingered, followed by a slammed
door. After which he fell back asleep. He
had almost gotten accustomed to the
sound. Morning crept through the window
Ule was forced out of bed by the bright
beam. When he went out his father had al-
ready left and his mother had packed their
bags and said they had to hurry they were
going on holidays to see grandma in Bra-
Brazil Ule shouted! “Where is papa, isn’t
he coming”? “He went out, he will be back
later, and when he get’s back he will join
us” she replied. He had never left Mbola
their village in Tanzania since he he came