The Fall of the Hampton Couples HTML version

The fall of the Hamptons
Chapter one- A new reign
In the last days of Zion’s reign, the unicorn hunter’s descendants started plotting against the Heartfield
royal family.
“Those Hamptons ruined our ancestors game, to hunt unicorns now we must ruin their game” said
“How?” asked Finn.
“By ruining their reputations of course, l call this game falling Immortals” Sarah replied with an evil
“L must go to Heartfield at once” said Adriela to Elard.
“Why must you go?” asked Elard.
“Because l am to be crowned queen today with Eric as my king” was Adriela’s reply.
“But l thought the kings son had to be crowned king” said Elard.
“So did l but my father has chosen me as all his other sons and daughters are all purple bloods” Adriela
said to that.
“Oh, you’ve been a black blood since Zion began ruling, l forgot” said Elard smiling.
“It’s okay Elard, anyway l must go, bye” Adriela said disappearing.
“Goodbye” said Elard softly.
“Hello father” said Adriela walking down the stairs in her queenly gear.
“Hello Adriela” said Zion hugging his daughter.
“Hi” said Corsatas hugging Adriela.
“You look beautiful” said Eric smiling at her.
“And you look smashing my dear husband” Adriela kissed her husband and they departed each other’s
At midnight the ceremony where Zion put his crown on Adriela’s head happened and the sky turned
many beautiful vibrant colours.
“So now you are queen, what will you do now?” asked Zion.
“L don’t know, nothing l guess” replied Adriela.