The Fall of a Rising Star HTML version

Let me take you back briefly to when I was just thirteen years old. Yes back then it was Kan-gos,zipper
jackets(Michael Jackson) and yes Jerry curls and I was in the midst of it all rapping,singing and also of
course break dancing and I loved them all but my heart was really into singing it was all I ever wanted
to do I had a posse and yes we sort of had a group whenever we got together that was about it. I think
we all were just exploring our options,that is until we got to high schoo l and we all lost touch of each
other,it was my junior year before consolidation(which was just so wonderful) but anyway like most of
everyone my junior year was terrible from fights and every other minor squabbles...skipping onto my
senior year I decided to enter a talent show that the school gave that's when I ran into one of my
classroom friends and it turned out he was entering the talent show as I was so we had an idea to enter
it together he also had the idea of having a couple of friends of ours into as well because we had a good
chemistry singing wise and we both thought it would increase our chances of winning I think it was a
song from this group called decide which were large back then and still is to me anyway the song was
come and talk to me we all started out kind of nervous but in the end the nerves just worked it's way
out of all of us and we were like r&b stars heads just swelling up just like that cartoon you see on TV
about to pop anyway the people that weren't our friends then were our friends now at least that's what
we thought and our popularity was at an all time tea-sing,pretty soon afterward we kinda had a good
feeling about where we were going so we did other talent shows came in at second place for a while
then finally won first place but it was with a scam producer not long after that run in we've performed
at games,other people family reunions almost every place that can have talent like ours we were there
then it got to our graduation after that we lost touch of each other the chemistry there didn't last long
everybody wanted to go there own ways so we did me kind of getting out of singing for a while kinda
recharged me so not to long fate came in and I ran into another person that I knew from the school days
and we decided to give it a try believe me I was skeptical because it would involve me going to
California but I had confidence in us and I knew we would have good chemistry I took the chance he
had told me that he had a couple of guys already up there waiting for us so I said w hy not needless to
say I smoked like a lot of weed in my younger days so you can best believe it was on like donkey in
some thongs we didn't have the money to fly so we took the greyhound which our future manager paid
for the tickets let me tell you that was the longest bus ride I ever had and don't want again we were high
all the way to taxes and that's when we had to change buses and in the process we meet an interesting
person as we were getting back on the bus he sort of like glanced our way to check us out I guess to see
if we were on the up and up he stood there looking for about five seconds then looked off then he
looked at us again and me being high already I started to get paranoid and was telling my friend hey
who the hell is he looking at my frie nd said exactly so as I was about to ask him he quickly said hey
what';s up homey and sort of hip but redneck way you guys looking to get high well needless to say we