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The Fall Booklet

by Sarah Kress


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Dear Reader,
I hope you will enjoy the traditions in The Fall Booklet and that they will inspire you to celebrate the beautiful autumn season.

Seasonal Traditions are very important because they help us to enjoy the subtle changes that take place in nature and in our lives during the year. When we are not aware of these changes, the seasons start to blend together into a string of days full of routine responsibilities, and life starts to feel like it's flying by.

Even small traditions help us live in awareness of the seasons. A simple fall tradition that I enjoy is lighting a diffuser with essential oils of clove buds, ginger, cinnamon or nutmeg. These scents put me in the mood for baking, which of course is another fun autumn activity.

Please share with me any fall traditions that you enjoy from year to year, as well as your feedback about the traditions in The Fall Booklet. Feel free to email me at thefallbooklet {at} gmail {dot} com, or to fill out a feedback form by clicking the link below.

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Thank You!
Sarah Kress
Managing Member of Sarah's Writings, LLC

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