The Exploits of Elaine HTML version

6. The Vampire
Kennedy went the next day to the Dodge house, and, as usual, Perry Bennett was there in
the library with Elaine, still going over the Clutching Hand case, in their endeavor to
track down the mysterious master criminal.
Bennett seemed as deeply as ever in love with Elaine. Still, as Jennings admitted Craig, it
was sufficiently evident by the manner in which Elaine left Bennett and ran to meet Craig
that she had the highest regard for him.
"I've brought you a little document that may interest you," remarked Kennedy, reaching
into his pocket and pulling out an envelope.
Elaine tore it open and looked at the paper within.
"Oh, how thoughtful of you!" she exclaimed in surprise.
It was a permit from the police made out in her name allowing her to carry a revolver.
A moment later, Kennedy reached into his coat pocket and produced a little automatic
which he handed to her.
"Thank you," she cried eagerly.
Elaine examined the gun with interest, then, raising it, pointed it playfully at Bennett.
"Oh--no--no!" exclaimed Kennedy, taking her arm quickly, and gently deflecting the
weapon away. "You mustn't think it is a toy. It explodes at a mere touch of the trigger--
when that safety ratchet is turned."
Bennett had realized the danger and had jumped back, almost mechanically. As he did so,
he bumped into a suit of medieval armor standing by the wall, knocking it over with a
resounding crash.
"I beg pardon," he ejaculated, "I'm very sorry. That was very awkward of me."
Jennings, who had been busy about the portieres at the doorway, started to pick up the
fallen knight. Some of the pieces were broken, and the three gathered about as the butler
tried to fit them together again as best he could.
"Too bad, too bad," apologized Bennett profusely. "I really forgot how close I was to the
"Oh, never mind," returned Elaine, a little crestfallen, "It is smashed all right--but it was
my fault. Jennings, send for someone to repair it."