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9. The Death Ray
Kennedy was reading a scientific treatise one morning, while I was banging on the
typewriter, when a knock at the laboratory door disturbed us.
By some intuition, Craig seemed to know who it was. He sprang to open the door, and
there stood Elaine Dodge and her lawyer, Perry Bennett.
Instantly, Craig read from the startled look on Elaine's face that something dreadful had
"Why--what's the matter?" he asked, solicitously.
"A--another letter--from the Clutching Hand!" she exclaimed breathlessly. "Mr. Bennett
was calling on me, when this note was brought in. We both thought we'd better see you at
once about it and he was kind enough to drive me here right away in his car."
Craig took the letter and we both read, with amazement:
"Are you an enemy of society? If not, order Craig Kennedy to leave the country by nine
o'clock to-morrow morning. Otherwise, a pedestrian will drop dead outside his laboratory
every hour until he leaves."
The note was signed by the now familiar sinister hand, and had, added, a postcript, which
"As a token of his leaving, have him place a vase of flowers on his laboratory window to-
"What shall we do?" queried Bennett, evidently very much alarmed at the threat.
"Do?" replied Kennedy, laughing contemptuously at the apparently futile threat, "why,
nothing. Just wait."
. . . . . . . .
The day proved uneventful and I paid no further attention to the warning letter. It seemed
too preposterous to amount to anything.
Kennedy, however, with his characteristic foresight, as I learned afterwards, had not been
entirely unprepared, though he had affected to treat the thing with contempt.
His laboratory, I may say, was at the very edge of the University buildings, with the
campus back of it, but opening on the other side on a street that was ordinarily not