The Exodus According to G: A Unique View of the Biblical Story HTML version

The Exodus According to G
A Unique View of the Biblical Story
Albert E. Gilding Sr.
Copyright © 2010 Albert E. Gilding Sr.
All rights reserved.
The Way It Is
Egyptland! Egyptland!
We must all live in Egyptland.
Tell me brother, do you understand?
We’re all working for Pharaoh!
Pharaoh, he sits in his tower of stone,
The dogs called priests, behind his throne.
The magicians cry “Forsooth” — then groan
We’re all just working for Pharaoh!
A thousand loaves, a thousand years,
He feeds us all, but he feeds our fears
Don’t dare sleep tonight, my dears
Because we all have to work for Pharaoh!
Egyptland! Egyptland!
We all live together in Egyptland.
Now tell me brother, do you understand?
We’re all here working for Pharaoh!
Pharaoh casts his glare askance
His treasures move through the eye of chance
But we’re all stuck in the same old trance
„Cause we’re all just working for Pharaoh.
The idols rise, tall in the sky
Pyramids, all speak the same lie
For we’ll all work, until we die
„Cause we’re all here working for Pharaoh.
Egyptland! Egyptland!
We’ll all have to stay in Egyptland
Tell me brother, do you now understand?
We’ll always be working for Pharaoh!