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Chapter 17
The gymnasium itself was a source of immense surprise to both Francis and Wilmore. It
stretched along the entire top storey of a long block of buildings, and was elaborately
fitted with bathrooms, a restaurant and a reading-room. The trapezes, bars, and all the
usual appointments were of the best possible quality. The manager, a powerful-looking
man dressed with the precision of the prosperous city magnate, came out of his office to
greet them.
"What can I do for you, gentlemen?" he enquired.
"First of all," Francis replied, "accept our heartiest congratulations upon your wonderful
The man bowed.
"It is the best appointed in the country, sir," he said proudly. "Absolutely no expense has
been spared in fitting it up. Every one of our appliances is of the latest possible
description, and our bathrooms are an exact copy of those in a famous Philadelphia club."
"What is the subscription?" Wilmore asked.
"Five shillings a year."
"And how many members?"
"Two thousand."
The manager smiled as he saw his two visitors exchange puzzled glances.
"Needless to say, sir," he added, "we are not self-supporting. We have very generous
"I lave heard my brother speak of this place as being quite wonderful," Wilmore
remarked, "but I had no idea that it was upon this scale."
"Is your brother a member?" the man asked.
"He is. To tell you the truth, we came here to ask you a question about him."
"What is his name?"
"Reginald Wilmore. He was here, I think, last Wednesday night."