The Ether Dispute: Revisiting Einstein's Theory That Space Is a Physical Substance HTML version

Table of Contents
Introduction: The Dispute 6
Parties to Dispute 7
Dispute Led To Progress 9
Dispute Victim of Cold War 11
Grounds for Indictment 13
We are playing with Fire 16
Purpose of this work 17
Part I: Catalogue of Physical Behaviors of Space 19
Behaves Like a Physical Atmosphere 20
A Physical Light Barrier 22
Physically Distorts 23
Physically Vibrates 25
Produces Physical Energy 26
Physical Interconnection 27
Interchangeable With Matter 27
Produces Physical Sensations 28
A Physical Trampoline 29
Has Physical Typography 30
Tides and Currents 31
Winds 31
Waves 32