The Ether Dispute: Revisiting Einstein's Theory That Space Is a Physical Substance


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There is an unresolved dispute over the physical nature of space. It occurs because of what Bacon called our “dull and deceptive human senses”. On one hand, space appears empty. That led Biblical and modern cosmologists to conclude that space is an “empty vacuum”. But, when astrophysicists from Newton to Einstein studied space, they found that it exhibits physical behaviors (i.e., it carries light and heat). That led astrophysicists to conclude that space is an invisible substance called “the ether”. The author explores the ether dispute, and the pressing need to resolve it scientifically. FREE, and ready for download now!

richard ruff

Enjoyed the book overall. However, some minor scientific quibbles - the notion of electrons whizzing around the nucleus at light speed (the 'planetary' model) is not an accepted view (shouldn't even be taught at high school!); Darwin didn't say we descended from monkeys but rather we had a common ancestry; you make it sound as if Hubble used the 'big bang' term whereas he noted the galactic red shift phenomenon and suggested a Doppler explanation, i.e., expanding universe (there are alternative explanations of red shift, such as loss of energy to an ether). As you rightly point out, Hoyle coined the 'big bang' term. And by the way, it is Niels Bohr, not Neils Bohr.You have shown just how deeply embedded is the need for a 'beginning and end' or Creationist-type view of the Universe, shared by religious and non-religious scientists. In fact, much of modern physics almost prides itself on blind faith in multiverses, extra dimensions, quantum behavior that is 'weird' and 'bizarre', dark matter, dark energy, etc. Sounds a lot like miracles, heaven and hell, virgin births and angels dancing on pin heads.You are striking a blow for a science that seeks to understand not just to describe with new jargon.Richard Ruff

Himanshu Narayan

Nice book. A completely different perspective!!!

Conrad Houser

The subject is intriguing, the research extensive. Attorney's however, (and I am one) tend to be terribly biased toward their subject. Mr. Wilson pits religion against science in this article and wonders when the science will be fee of religious restrictions.

Conrad Houser

i.e. it's not possible to start a new paragraph. I've found the bridge between the two in the creation position of the Mormon church which clearly allows for both God and ether. You might want to read the books of Moses and Abraham to get a better feel. All religions are not the same - their doctrines vary considerably. To put them all int he same basket is unfair.


Richard J. Wilson, J.D.

Richard, a retired trial lawyer and member of Mensa, has lifelong fascination with the behavior of our physical universe and our human family, and his books treat us to his unique observations. His books are available in paperback.

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