The Essiac Handbook HTML version

For years now I have been interested in alternative cures for debilitating diseases which seem to
threaten all of us, such as cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, lupus, chronic fatigues, Alzheimer's,
etc. In the course of pursuing this interest, I was enthusiastic about some treatment methods that
appeared successful. However, this enthusiasm was nothing compared to the enthusiasm and
excitement I felt when I discovered the story of Rene Caisse's herbal remedy that she called
I believe that you will find this handbook very informative and interesting. The story of the
development of Essiac, the struggle to get this knowledge out to the public, and the information
available about the documented cases of thousands of persons being cured of cancer and other
diseases, is a story you want to know.
Knowledge of Essiac may change your life. It may give you the knowledge to make more
informed decisions for yourself and your loved ones concerning cancer, AIDS, and other
prevalent diseases, which threaten every American family. I am hoping that this booklet will also
give many of you enough knowledge and interest in the four common herbs of Rene's herbal
formula so that you will seek out herbalists who can teach you how to identify, collect and
process your own Essiac!
This handbook is written with the objective of getting the word out to as many people as possible
about Rene's discovery. Please feel free to copy it and to give these copies to your friends. If you
get as enthusiastic about Essiac as I am, I am sure that you will find yourself, as I do, mentioning
it to many of your friends and acquaintances. You may also, as I do, find yourself taking Rene's
herbal remedy daily as a Preventative and Detoxifier.
In summary, the information contained herein is offered to you in the spirit of love and
brotherhood. We hope that you accept it as such, process the information, and pass it along in the
spirit of love and brotherhood!
In today's society we live with a lot of fear. It is my hope that your knowledge of Rene's work
may better assist you to live without fear concerning several of our most dangerous diseases.
I am not a physician. I am a researcher. I make no claims that Essiac will cure you. I simply
report to you the information which is already available in other books and magazine articles.
Make your own conclusions. Consult your doctor.
James Percival
Copyright 1993, All rights reserved.