The Ends Which Meet HTML version

“Um….I doesn’t understand….that’s not what I asked for…I just want you to go home…” ok. I get it I am
dumb at times but “look! You are a stranger and I don’t talk to strangers”
“Umm…ok if you don’t want me to talk to you then fine I agree with it but I disagree one thing about
you…” he said
“And…that is? Well, I don’t need your answer! I am leaving and will never meet you again!”
“And that one thing is you’re someone who is rare to find…I feel you are far away from being a loser”
those words touch my heart! I didn’t hear these words since years! All of a sudden I felt happy and my
eyes which were filled with tears were happy and proud…..I turned back to him and said “I….I…do…don’t
believe you!” I didn’t want to say that, I actually wanted to say thanks but I couldn’t.
As soon as I reached the nearby lane I found my mom and dad who were searching for me…mom
hugged me and ask me why I ran away….I didn’t answer because I was still mad at them.
After having my dinner I was in the backyard thinking about him……I didn’t see him clearly but I could
remember his smile, his dark brown hair and his blue eyes and pale white skin…..he looked like he was
of my age…and he……seems like I have observed much about him......
At about 9’o clock dad came and sat near me…he explained me why he, mom and Melinda were worried
about me. And I understood because I was not a person who stays angry for long time.