The Ends Which Meet HTML version

get along with others but she didn’t. She didn’t have place to sit either and I had lots of space so, I
offered her a seat. I was silent as I didn’t want any new mess in my life because I was already filled with
problems. After a while her tender voice started speaking and she asks “I hope you don’t have any
problem to sit here with me.” Well I didn’t really expect that from her because she looked like a person
who would adjust with others but…..I was wrong.
“UMM….no I don’t have any problem at all….you can feel free” I said and tried to look somewhere else
because it’s been a long time someone speaking so sweetly to me after ROSE left.
“Oh good then! By the way I’m MARTHA what’s your name?”She asks. By the way ROSE was my only
friend, she was not so close to me but at least she used to talk to me. “I…I ‘m….you can call me MELLS”
oh no! I stammered….anyways I didn’t feel so worried because she wasn’t someone official. “Um…um…I
think…” I think she wants to say that she wants to leave because she had got to know that I am not fit to
be her friend. “YOU wanna leave?”
“NO….I…I just wanted to ask if you’d be friends with me that’s all…” Totally unexpected! But, I didn’t
have any problem with being friends with her so, I said “sure, why not……well, that’s a really weird
question I mean…”I said because I really feel it is weird to ask someone to be friends. But it would be
good if I have some friends.
It was evening and I was actually sad that day because I was alone. I never felt like this but today I didn’t
know what was wrong…….everyone looked happy but me. I slowly walked towards the door because I
couldn’t bear mom’s nagging but mom had caught me and was asking about my results……after I told
about all my results it was all hell! And moreover I had also not cleaned my room and did not wash the
dishes…..these added fuel to the fire. I was grounded for one month and even dad was
disappointed…and that was my worst moment of my life. Everything looked bad at that moment, I felt
like a loser and big loser who gets bullied at school and is good at nothing! I was questioning myself why
god had sent me to this world! Slowly tears started rolling in my eyes and I couldn’t stand a moment,
the only thing I would do next is RUN. I did so….which looked fare to me….I run as fast as I could….I was
fed up with my life and I wanted to die….just die! After sometime I reached a place……an unknown
place. It was isolated and dry leaves and trees were all I could see, it suited my mood…I felt strange that
why I didn’t know about this place but moreover I was frustrated. I found a bench nearby and I sat
there. I started crying all of a sudden…..there was no on there and I was pleased because I don’t like
anyone seeing me cry. After a while I noticed someone was sitting beside me. I got freaked out but I
controlled myself….I could control myself but not my tears…..I started crying again….but this time not
for long because as I told I feel embarrassed when someone sees me crying.
“You….don’t look so happy” he says…I didn’t reply because I was not in a mood to talk….. “Um I think
you should go home….I mean you know you can solve the problem with your loved ones around...”
“Can’t you just leave me alone? It’s my wish I can be anywhere at any time……and who are you to ask
me huh? What are you? A perfect human being who’s good at everything? So what if I am not beautiful?
So what if I am a loser?!” I scream but I felt I spoke dumb.