The Ends Which Meet HTML version

The ends which meet
Chapter 1
I have never found myself in this kind of a situation but had a strange feeling that I was doing
the right thing because it felt as if I was going to lose something very special in my life if I wouldn’t try to
kill myself now………and all of a sudden I am awake just to find out that god haven’t stored even few
seconds of happiness for me. As soon as I got out of my room I found my sister with an angry
expression…within few seconds I noticed there was something wrong which I have done recently and it
had made her very mad….she raged with anger and said “MELLS! What did you do to my hair dryer? It’s
not working!” And then my mind strikes that I must have done something with it but I don’t think so the
hair dryer was in such a bad condition! By observing my lost face she quickly screams “MOM! MELLS
says she doesn’t need her pocket money this month! And instead she wants it to be given to me!” and
innocently mom says yes for that and MELINDA leaves with her cruel grin, anyways MELINDA’S always
been the same….dominating. I start my day with a loss of my pocket money and get ready for school
which is my HELL….I don’t like my school…….it’s because they bully me…..But I build up my courage and
got downstairs for having my breakfast and find my MOM and DAD. In my life my dad is one of the best
people I can believe in because he’s the only one who can understand me. From the time I was a kid I
was a bit slow and I was obviously behind. That made MOM upset and she started showing extra care on
me but that didn’t work until now…..DAD never stresses me to do things but MOM does and she also
feels that my older sis is intelligent than me so that makes my sis proud….In fact she’s good at almost
everything….SO she has a reason to be proud. But when it comes to me I am a loser since birth, and that
makes me a SUCKER. After playing with tom (that’s my dog), I have my breakfast and leave for school.
Today’s the first day of school after winter vacation and I hope I may have some changes in my life. But
everything doesn’t happen as expected.
As I enter into the school I found my rival MS. SANDRA ROSEWELLS and I hate her because she was the
one who made my life a living death! When I came near her she stops me and says “hey, smelly MELLS!
Looking much ugly today! I’ll see you later after school!” I just didn’t utter a word because I know that
would make things much worse because when I actually raised my voice against her once and I just
couldn’t imagine what happened next.
As I was heading to the class I saw a girl who was looking scared and confused…she looked like me if I
turned back a few years...Confused new kid whom others thought would be easy to bully. Anyways I am
not interested to talk to her because others must have told her that I am an ugly female.
During class I received my report card and I did not like the result…almost every subject had C’s or D’s.
Who would like these results? As time passed it was recess and SANDRA like always contributes some
time on bullying me but she has told she’d meet me after school and I think at some point I am free for
lunch. I start eating my sandwich and find the new kid isolated. Well, almost every new student would