The Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism HTML version

The Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism began about ?fteen years ago as
a web site. The original idea, proposed by Rich Elliott of Simon Greenleaf University,
was for a printed book — but books require publishers, and editors, and contributors. It
didn't happen at the time. Instead, I took the idea and produced the web site.
So why, after all this time, go from web site to book? The answer is “e-books.” Web sites
are of course easy and quick to update — but they can't be saved as a nice neat
package and loaded onto a smartphone or tablet. And they are never really ?nished. In
2012, I decided it was time to go for the book. This will allow me to get the whole project
in somewhat better order — although it also means that I have to drop some illustrations
where my sources are a bit dodgy.
As of this time, you can ?nd the “full” Encyclopedia at
Thanks to the “brainout” site for hosting it. The Encyclopedia there differs somewhat
from this; I have naturally been making corrections and changes as I imported the
articles. So this is the “last word” as of this writing (although it probably contains some
formatting glitches I did not notice). I hope you ?nd it useful.
Unfortunately, the conversion proved to be much harder than I thought. Half a year of
work (admittedly in odd moments) and the result was only about half done, and I was
struggling with both health and employment. And the result, as of May 2013, was
already 700 pages long, and is now more than twice that! I certainly did not realize the
magnitude of what I had done.
And many of my hopes appear impossible. The ?le is too large to index, and is getting
hard to edit in any way. There probably isn't much more I can do until and unless the
editing software is upgraded. So I have decided to release this preliminary, incomplete
edition. It's better than nothing, and if I don't ?nish the book, you at least have this. It's
now close to done; other than the missing artwork and some demonstration PDFs, this
is all I created. Sadly, because I had to work in haste, much of the material is as it was
ten or ?fteen years ago; I have not had the chance to do many updates to take into
account changes in the ?eld. There are also some inconsistencies — some articles
have footnotes, some don't, and the documentation is spotty. Also, the original handled
Greek in a way that is now very dated, and I may have missed some of the conversions.
Treat this as what it is: A not-quite-?nished book based on textual criticism around the
year 2000, not the year 2013.
Robert B. Waltz
June 16, 2013
The Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism