The Encyclopedia of Free Online Advertising HTML version

usually scam free. A great benefit about using free advertising is that there’s no
reason for a scammer to try to target you, since you’re not a paying customer. No
credit card number, no scam. A mild case of spyware is the worst you should
expect. (So get your anti-Spyware and anti-virus up to date before trying some of
The fascinating thing is that research has revealed that these forms of traffic are
not usually just cheap, un-targeted surfers. There’s plenty of free Pay-Per-Click
traffic out there, just as targeted as Google’s AdWords. In fact, when you get
down to the “P” section, I’m showing everyone reading this book exactly where
they can pick up their own free 100,983 visitors in paid, WELL-TARGETED
There are also free ways to get incredibly large amounts of traffic, that only
require a modest amount of your time working on the front end. SEO, Link
Building, and Article Marketing all can make your site the most popular site on
the net for your niche market, yet they don’t cost a single penny to do correctly.
Furthermore, targeted traffic isn’t the only traffic you’ll ever likely need. I’m sure
you would be ok with a couple hundred thousand semi-targeted or Non-targeted
visitors on your site tomorrow, building up your Alexa Ranking and showing the
world how powerful a draw your website has… Also, with those kinds of
numbers, you stand to make more than just a sale or two, no matter how
unrelated the referring site is.
I’m going to spill the beans on a method to do just that for you under the “Traffic
Exchanges” section. The rest of this book is just as useful, in fact, what I’ve
mentioned here are not the only juicy bits! However, juicy or not, you must
choose a strategy for your marketing efforts and stick to it, because different
strategies require different types of advertising.
What it all comes down to is which KINDS of traffic you need for your marketing
strategy. You’ll be sure to find a few in this eBook to fit your needs.
So before we get started, let me reiterate that every technique in this
encyclopedia is completely free for you to use to drive some form of traffic to your
website with. All techniques listed here have been tested, not just by me, but by
other online marketers and even ratings services in some cases.
There are no sources of traffic here that require you to use a credit card. (Unless
you upgrade to some premium level of service, of course.) With these free
services alone, anyone easily build up enough traffic to their site to make you
wonder how Google can charge so much for AdWords listings!
So why am I giving this knowledge away for free, instead of hoarding all the
traffic for myself? I thought you might ask that… I certainly would.
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