The Encyclopedia of Free Online Advertising HTML version

A lot has changed on the web since I wrote the first version of this eBook six
months ago, but advertising your business effectively on the internet is still the
single most important skill to learn for any business to survive online.
So why is it so difficult to find the effective advertising sources you need?
I probably don’t have to tell you that the internet is full of free advertising. It
comes in many forms, from websites that advertise other websites, to text-box
ads on the sides of pages, to spyware, spam, blogs, bookmarking tools, & auto-
surfing… There are almost too many ways to get visitors to your website or blog
now, because creative entrepreneurs are figuring out new ways to do it daily.
This industry has grown so large in fact that there are even many FREE ways to
get traffic to your website. Legitimate traffic for free… And plenty of it, too. This
represents an awesome opportunity for new business owners without a huge
advertising budget.
That’s what this Encyclopedia is all about. I’ve spent years exploring, building,
and testing these resources, and I’m going to share them all with you today. I’m
even going to review them all for you with quick-glance indicators that reflect
each free traffic source’s:
Quantity (How many visitors you can get.)
Quality (How Targeted the Visitors can be to your niche.)
Time to Delivery (How fast all of your traffic can arrive.)
They will be rated on a scale of one to five, 5 being the best possible. A Zero
rating means that it’s not applicable.
It is my goal for this book to be a completely indispensable handbook for all
online businesses that advertise.
A common misconception that many webmasters have is that all free forms of
traffic are very low in quality. Some will even quote the instances that software
“bots” will be delivered as a visitor instead of a human.
Scams do happen from time to time, there’s no dismissing it. All of the traffic
methods reviewed in this encyclopedia however, are genuine methods that are
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