The Emotion Code (How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness)


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Download this FREE eBook, and read as renowned holistic physician and lecturer, Dr. Bradley Nelson skillfully lays bare the inner workings of the subconscious mind. Discover as he discusses how emotionally-charged events from an individual's past can continue to haunt him in the form of what Dr. Nelson refers to as trapped emotions, that are comprised of emotional energies that literally inhabit the human body. The doctor clearly and concisely explains how those trapped emotions can create pain, malfunction, and eventual disease. Further, he explains how those same trapped emotions can exert a dramatic effect that determines how we think, the choices that we make, and how successful we will be in life. Download it today!


I am a combined energy healer and I think this is truly a fantastic book and a great healing technique that works and that we can all do to ourselves and others, what is a shame is that it is turned into a practitioner course that is over priced, inflexible and having taken your hefty fee, no matter what happens good or bad, you cannot get your money back? If you wish to complain, you cannot get through to "Dr Brad" himself and are fended off by the various minions, some of whom you may wish to complain about, but you can never get to the boss to discuss anything? So effectively you pay your money, if you are unhappy in any way you cannot get redress. Every company should have a complaints procedure that gets right to the top, especially something that has one man's name on it. The boss/es should be able to find out what their customers truly think and have the final say in the complaints procedure; as well as the respect to speak to them, explain any misunderstandings and make apologies where necessary and offer a refund for a truly unhappy customer. Not to be batted away by a wall of jobs worths who give Dr Brad a bad name! It is a great healing modality, I've used it successfully on myself and many others, but as for the practitioner course, it is not worth the money. Many took the exam and got over 90%, but some of the questions were contradictory to the information in the book, ie, they had the wrong answers, so the remaining answers would have been right had they had the correct answers to their own questions! You would like to think if they are charging whopping fees to teach it, they'd get their facts right! Book, teaches a great healing modality well, at a good price 10 out of 10! Here free makes it 11 out of 10, so take advantage now!Emotion Code Practitioner Course Review 0 out of 10, complete rip off, nothing worth the money over and above what is in the book!

Darkness is what I am called

As a therapist on earth, and well grounded in reality, I myself have also found that guiding patients inward, where they can access the memories of emotions that have been embedded within their psyche, can be very powerful, and cathartic My patients come to me seeking therapy for relief from the pain of how their current behaviors, are impacting, and sometimes devastating their lives. They've never realized the impact of the emotions felt in childhood, and how they influence later in life. The problem I have with this book, is how people are so excited with the idea that it's something new, and different. When I studied this relationship between these ancient emotions still having an effect years later, it went by a different name. It was called Post Traumatic Stress, and sometimes lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. May I in fact, site a reference from an even earlier mention of this same concept: Hans Selye, a noted Canadian researcher in physiology, studied (1946) the organism’s reaction to traumatic stimuli to which it had not adapted. He coined terms such as “the alarm reaction,” the first stage of the “general adaptation syndrome.” Suffice it to say, Dr. Selye noted that if the stress became chronic, the arousal becomes a health hazard. I'm afraid that this revolutionary new way of looking at emotions, is not very new after all. I'm so sorry to disappoint anyone who still may come to this page, and read this reply. I will say though, that I believe very strongly in the idea of doing whatever works for you.


I am a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (a form of energy healing), and I loved this book! It is very powerful and simple. I will be integrating The Emotion Code into my healing sessions.Worth a read!

Rindie Coker

I'm an experienced energy medicine practitioner so was able to try the technique right away. Cleared some trapped emotions from myself first and was amazed at what came up. Looking forward to seeing the long term results.


GREAT, GREAT BOOK!!! I REALLY HOPE to meet dr. Nelson as soon as possible.(thank's to Bill Henderson who recommended this book)

Karen McDonald

Well Written, easy to read, Yes I will investigate further!

Jane Moody

This can revolutionize your health. It's simple and quick and amazingly effective. Leading edge work!

C Stapley

Fabulous and life changing. It just goes to prove that some of the simplest techniques have the most beneficial and powerful results.


An extremely thought provoking book which confirms my belief that it is my recently very sadly broken heart that is hampering any improvement in my health in regards to a potentionally very serious life threatening condition for which I had been diagnosed and as to why my consultants are concerned why I am not responding to 'conventional' treatment as they expected from me, given my usual very positive, strongwilled 'I get knocked down, I get up again' outlook in life. So much in this book resonates with me. I am certainly going to investigate this further. M.


As an EFT Practitoner, this will compliment my work perfectly, look forward to achieving my Emotion Code certificate, well done Dr Bradley Nelson and thank you

debbie treacy

this book is great and i didnt want to put it down , i would really like to meet dr nelson one day.

Heather Wardale

Fabulous.......don't go past it. Read it over and over and take it seriously .... you have just stumbled across one of the most powerful healing modalities out there and you can get started straight away. No need to wait just read and get on with it. I started to have flashbacks of experiences in my life instantly it was so great ..... almost too simple..... dare you to try it too. Trust yourself, you can do it and think of all of the people that need your help as well.........Heather

debbie treacy

this book is a eye opener and makes you think differently of lots of life questions.great read


GREAT BOOK! This is an awesome technology and ANYONE can learn to do it for themselves and their family. This very important work for personal empowerment. ENJOY!!!!

Fran harris

The Emotion Code is a fantastic book I think it realy shows one how magical and beautiful of a creation our body is. And what magnificient creators we all are. After all "YOU ARE GOD ALSO."I AM THAT I AM.

Joy Statham

WOW! Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ in being led to The Emotion Code.Thank you for making it available as a free download.My heart's desire and gratitude to the Lord is thanking Him, in faith, for the resources to have proxy healing and be certifed.The book and the webinars/videos resonated so strongly as "truth".Thank you Dr. Nelson and Free-eBooks.netIn His Service.Joy, Ottawa, Canada


Wonderful experience....


Believe it or not I've seen The Emotion Code method work over and over again to help people to become healthier and happier. I know natural health can be a hard pill to swallow for many but it's beginning to catch on, and for good reason. Do yourself a favor and before you go to your next Dr appointment read this book!


This is an amazing book with many case studies sprinkled throughout as examples. The techniques are simple and anyone can easily learn them and apply them for instant results. Everyone should release these unhealthy "stuck" emotions which we have no practical use for and which actually harm us.


Dr. Bradley Nelson

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