The Emerald Buddha

The Emerald Buddha
Mike Dixon
Copy right: Mike Dixon 2015
ISBN 13:978-0-9875989-7-4
In the Beginning
3rd April 1963, Zhongdian, China. Nawang Dolma hid behind the prayer flags
and choked back tears. Blood spattered the steps of the shrine and dripped onto
the earth below. The monk’s cries had died down. Nawang wondered if he was
dead. His twisted body lay in the dust and blood flowed from a gash across his
shaven head.
The old man had tried to stop the Red Guards from taking the holy scriptures
and burning them. At first they taunted him, calling him a silly old fool and an
enemy of the people. Then one of them threw a stone and that started the rest
off. Even when he collapsed they didn’t stop.
Now they were smashing the statues of the blessed saints. The sacred
images had stood beside the shrine for centuries. They were proof that the land
belonged to the Tibetan people and not to China. Perhaps that was why the Red
Guards were destroying them. They weren’t Tibetan. They had arrived on trains
and were Chinese.
An old woman emerged from a doorway. Nawang had known her all his life.
She was bent double from years working in the fields and walked with a stick.
The Red Guards screamed insults. Stones began to fly. She ignored them and
hobbled towards the monk.
Tears poured down Nawang’s face. He had been too scared to intervene
when the Red Guards attacked the monk and he was too scared to help the old
Chapter 1