The Eighteen Year HTML version

“The Elite Four rose from the ashes of the old world. Their hearts wept because the destruction
of their brethren had took many lives. Green slowly sprung up around them, for their pure souls had
watered and relived the Earth. The Elite Four felt burdened with the rebuilding of their world. With
heavy hearts, they created a new world of green and youth. Once they saw that is was good, they
ascended into the heavens to watch over their creation.” This is the legend of how the goddesses made
our world. This is the legend of our goddesses, the Elite Four.
Aditi was the eldest of the goddesses. No one has seen her, but the legends say that she has
long blonde hair that flows like the rivers. All who pray to her will receive good fortune and joy. Alala
was the harshest of the goddesses. She wore darkness as her clothing. When the goddesses believed the
humans needed punishment, she was the one to do so. Anselm was the wisest of the goddesses. Her
wisdom and knowledge overwhelmed and engaged us. She slept in the s tars because they are never-
ending, just like her mind. Amadea was the kindest of the goddesses. Her heart was beautiful and loving.
She was the youngest of goddesses and legends say she was the most naïve, but this was what made her
heart so wonderful.
Our goddesses watched over us because they were gentle to us. They understood that we were
fragile and created weak. They said that our previous God had abandoned us. He left us to live in ruin
and despair. It was only an example of their love for us to take on the burden that He disposed.
“Eva!” Eden called out to me. She wore a worried expression on her face.
“What is it?” I began to walk towards her. I hoped that I was not in trouble with my mother.
If you have not noticed yet, we are all woman in this new world. Our goddesses were disgusted
with how He treated us, so they only allowed women to live. It was a punishment to all men.
“Your mother has been looking for you. She said that it was your turn to tend to the mares.”
“Oh Aditi, have favor. I completely forgot. Do you think she is upset?”
“Only worried, but you better hurry. She’s starting to rip apart the house in anguish.” Eden
looked into my hazel eyes and shook her head. She took my wrist and pulled me away from my thoughts
that still hung in the sky.
“Run!” She exclaimed and bolted for my house. Eden never let go of my wrist, though.
Therefore, she forced me to run along side her unless I wanted a mouth full of mud.
Eden was a nice girl. She had two older sisters, but lived with by herself with her dogs. Her
mother, Diana, died when Eden was rather young. The people in the court said it was because she
forbiddingly dreamt of men. Eden and I did not believe this though. Her mother was sickly and the stress
of three feisty girls would defeat anyone; even someone with her vigor.
Eden was very strong for her size. She was quite short for someone in her eighteen year. She
wore her bushy hair in a bun, because she said her hair was too thick. Her skin was dark and clear, just
like her mother‘s. Her eyes were dark like the night, except when she cried; then anyone could see they
were brown. Yet, Eden never really cried.
She was skinny, too. Her collarbones pushed through her skin and shown proudly. No matter
how much she ate, she would never gain a pound.
“Ms. Eva’s mom, I found her.” Eden shouted. We were at my home, I did not notice.
“Thank Elite! Where have you been? I was worried. You seemed to just run off without speaking
a word to me.” My mother rushed towards me and embraced me. Her cheek pressed against mine. “Do
not scare me like that.”
“Why are you so worried?” I awkwardly asked. I felt something warm and wet sliding down my
face. It was my mother’s tears.
"Eva, have you forgotten? It is your eighteen year tomorrow.” Eden said with a huge smile.
“You’ll finally be able to take on real work!”