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Leaders and Managers
There is a difference between a „leader’ and a „manager’ isn’t there?
We define a “leader” as: “A member of a team or organisation
who is responsible for establishing and communicating clear
goals, and then inspiring positive actions towards their
As opposed to a “manager” who we define as: “A member of a
team or organisation who is responsible for the daily
organisation of money, material resources and people, for the
most efficient achievement of a goal.
Clearly, leadership and management are different concepts, yet
isn’t it true that both could be present in the same person?
We believe so. So from now on, we will use the term “leader-
manager”, to indicate anyone who wants to improve the
performance of the team; and this means you! You want to
improve your performance.
“No captain can do very wrong if he
places his ship alongside that of the
Lord Horatio Nelson
You may be a person with good technical ability; but having good
technical knowledge does not necessarily mean that you are
equally expert at motivating, communicating and handling difficult people.
A poor working atmosphere, ambiguous instructions and crude methods of handling conflict, limit the
effectiveness of a team and therefore its productiveness.
1. There are six “fundamentals” that every leader-manager must master:
2. Effective goal setting.
3. Accuracy and clarity in communication.
4. Good planning, prioritising skills.
5. Good conflict management skills
6. The ability to inspire yourself
7. The ability to inspire others.
Let us look at each one in turn.
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