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The Effective Leader Manager
The future of your business is to a large degree, dependant on proper leadership and
The team leaders and managers are the people who set the goals, implement the strategy, make the
decisions and guide the processes in every aspect of your organisation.
So, it is the performance over the next six months that will set
the terms for your progress in the future. That might mean
good times for everyone, or it might spell trouble. It all
depends on the quality of the performance.
It is interesting to note that leadership and management skills
may be present in any member of the group – not only in
those who hold a title. Therefore, the development of
leadership and management skills is not restricted only to the
management team:
Personal development is open to all those who wish to get the
best from themselves and others. Here is the key question:
How can you get the best from yourself and
Realise that you need to be able to get the best from yourself
first, before you can get the best from others. I.e. It is
impossible for you to inspire others if you, yourself, are
depressed, beaten and confused.
“Continuous effort – not strength or
intelligence – is the key to unlocking our
Winston Churchill
So, this e-book is primarily about your own personal
development. Only then, is it about the development of the team. We want to help anyone who
wishes to develop his or her performance. Specifically, “development” means improving your ability
? Set your goals
? Achieve your goals.
? Communicate clearly.
? Plan ahead and prioritise.
? Resolve conflicts.
? Inspire a positive atmosphere.
? Develop more energy.
So this message is important. If you follow the ideas in this book, you will be able to make yourself
and your team more effective. Let us begin!
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