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15. The Phantom Circuit
"I want to go to Margot's again to-day," volunteered Miss Kendall the following morning,
adding with a smile, "You see, I've got the habit. Really, though, there is a mystery about
that place that fascinates me. I want to find out more about this Marie, or Margot, or
whoever it was that I thought I heard there. And then those doped cigarettes interest me.
You see, I haven't forgotten what you said about dope the first time we talked about Dr.
Harris. They will be more free with me, too, now that I am no longer a stranger."
"That is a good idea," agreed Kennedy, who was now chafing under the enforced inaction
of the case. "I hope that this time they will let you into some of the secrets. There is one
thing, though, I wish you'd look out for especially."
"What do you mean?" she asked.
"I should like to know what ways there are of communicating with the outside. You
realize, of course, that it is very easy for them, if they come to suspect you, to frame up
something in a place like that. There are strong-arm women as well as men, and I'm not at
all sure that there may not be some men besides Dr. Harris who are acquainted with that
place. At any rate Dr. Harris is unscrupulous enough himself."
"I shall make it a point to observe that," she said as she left us. "I hope I'll have
something to tell you when I come back."
"Walter," remarked Craig as the door closed, "that is one of the gamest girls I ever
I looked across at him inquiringly.
"Don't worry, my boy," he added, reading my expression. "She's not of the marrying
kind, any more than I am."
The morning passed and half of the afternoon without any word from Miss Kendall.
Kennedy was plainly becoming uneasy, when a hurried footstep in the hall was followed
by a more hurried opening of the door.
"Let me sit down, just a minute, to collect myself," panted Miss Kendall, pressing her
hands to her temples where the blue veins stood out and literally throbbed. "I'm all in."
"Why, what is the matter?" asked Kennedy, placing a chair and switching on an electric
fan, while he quickly found a bottle of restorative salts which was always handy for
emergencies in the laboratory.
"Oh--such a time as I've had! Wait--let me see whether I can recollect it in order."