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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

The EADUN Directive

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Published: 1 year ago

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A dystopian action adventure with climactic instances of love and violence. A journey that goes wildly against modern conventions and questions both the sustainability of our consumer lifestyle and our total dependence upon civilization. "To house the remaining population during this time of environmental uncertainty, additional super cities will be completed across the globe. These carbon efficient environments will contain the very latest communications, travel and entertainment complexes and will accommodate the entire international urban population in their respective territories.” IT WAS A LIE - The Elite are planning to rid the planet of the surplus human population and save the Earth for themselves. PLEASE give a rating and or comments.


Barti Cox

Born in the English midlands, I belong to the 'baby boomer' generation from a time when food rationing was still in effect after Britain had been crippled by two major conflicts within the space of thirty one years. After dropping out from Art School at the beginning of the Hippy Revolution, the year that became known as 'the summer of love,’ I eventually spent the greater part of my working life involved in the Roof Thatching industry. However, I also found time to travel and I have been partially responsible for the increase in world population. I now live in the centre of Oxford, England

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