The Dumbbell's Dictionary HTML version

Machine Politics, n. American style, they are disgusting, and an affront to democracy, let
alone republicanism. Take a look at Boss Pendergast of Missouri, Boss Plunkitt of
Tammany Hall in New York City, or the Daley machine in Chicago (hometown of our
illustrious leader).
Madness, n. Just what is it? Some have described it as not thinking right. That, however,
will not do, for it remains the sad, sad truth that most people don’t think. Else, how could
the American electorate have elected Obama?
Mary Magdalene, n. Was she truly such a sinner?
Magnanimity, n. Largeness of mind, precisely what Obama and his minions lack.
Norman Mailer, n. Entertaining novelist of the mid twentieth century, his best work being
„The Naked and the Dead,’ his novel of the troops in the Pacific Islands during WWII.
Perhaps the most memorable statement of the novel was by a sergeant who said: „The
General ain’t so hot. His shit doesn’t smell like ice cream.’
Machine, n. Ayn Rand defines it as „…the frozen form of a living intelligence. Can
anyone improve on that?
Malaise, n. Jimmy Carter had it. The American people didn’t. He saw Ronald Reagan on
the horizon. Kind of goes back to Jeanne Kirkpatrick’s characterization of so many
demented liberals as the „Blame America First’ crowd. See her „Dictatorships and Double
Man, n. Ayn Rand tells us this about man: „By the grace of reality and the nature of life,
every man is an in himself, and never the means to the ends of others.’ Immanuel Kant
introduced the concept, but never fully articulated it.
Man in the Generic Sense, n. The generic use of the term „man’ is verboten in some
circles. We shouldn’t use „woman’ because it contains „man.’ We can’t use „human,’ for
the same reason. We can’t even say „huperson,’ inasmuch as it contains the male „son.’
Perhaps we could settle along the lines of „hupersibling.’ Further, Man is not bloody
likely the center of the universe. Consider the light years that would have to be traveled
to the Andromeda Nebula, the nearest spiral galaxy to our own Milky Way.
Man who loved women, n. Me.
Man o’ War, n. Larger battleship than a Woman o’ War.
Man the Measure of All Things, n. If this is true, why does the universe exist?
The Man on Horseback, n. William Manchester, a noted historian described this
phenomenon relative to Douglas Macarthur, in a 1970’s tome, as the „American Caesar.’
Unfortunately, he was before his time, for he had never heard of Barak Obama.
Manchurian Candidate, n. Barack Obama.
Man-Made Disasters, n. Global warming? Nope. Economic meltdown and constant war
against the mind, while refusing to recognize the existence of Islamic terrorists? Oh, yes.
Mao Tse Tung, n. Communist mass-murderer. His „Little Red Book’ is a joy to read.
Anyone who can quote you parts of that slim tome is either unearthly, or an absolute