The Dumbbell's Dictionary HTML version

The Logan Act, n. Federal law that prohibits the attempts of private citizens to engage in
international diplomacy. Question: Why have Jimmy Carter and Jesse Jackson never been
prosecuted for their repeated violations of it? Ah, political correctness!
Logic, n. Science that Obama failed to study either at Columbia or Harvard.
Lolita, n. Vladimir Nabokov’s masterpiece. It is not, as some have viewed it,
pornography, but rather a work of art.
Bjorn Lomberg, n. Danish mathematician who set out, with a class of his graduate
students, to prove the veracity of the concept of global warming. Didn’t happen. When he
and they had completed their research, they determined that so-called anthropogenic
cause of increases in global temperature was nonsense. I don’t believe Al Gore listened to
Loquacity, n. A pretty good synonym for garrulity.
Lord of the Files, n. The consummate bureaucrat.
Lord of the Flies, n. Otherwise known as Belzeebub: Barak Obama.
Lord Jim, n. With due respect to Joseph Conrad, having higher status than Squire Jim.
Ludicrous vs. ridiculous, adj. What, pray tell is the difference?
Louis XIV, n. Vaunted Sun King of seventeenth century France. Reputed to have said:
„L’ etat, c’est moi. If he in fact uttered those words, they would have not been without
some justification.
Love, n. Between a man and a woman, is surely a „many splendored thing,’ provided
only that it is sincere and mutually reciprocated. Pardon me if I exclude, purposely, the
denizens of the Queer Nation and their followers.
Love, Sex, Death, and the Making of the Male, n. Someone should write a book. Matter
of fact, someone already has.
Lucifer, n. Interesting that the direct translation from the Latin means „Light Bringer.’
Lunatic, n. Small insect on the moon.
The Lust for Power, n. Defined by Ayn Rand as the weed that only grows in the vacant
lots of an abandoned mind.
Martin Luther, n. A great man who almost single-handedly started the Protestant
Reformation with the nailing of his ninety-five theses on the door of the church at
Wurtemberg. He was also, however, a vain and cruel man, who had no problem at all
with the German princes in and around his principality torturing and killing peasants and
heretics. That said, however, I borrow from what he said at his trial at the Diet of Wurms.
Thus, in my writings here: „Here I stand. I can do no other.’
Lybia, n. Reagan had it right. Obama doesn’t have a clue.
Lying, v. When a citizen lies to a public official, he commits a crime. A congressman
lying to the citizens, however, is perfectly ok when he is trying to hide the actual effects
and impacts of another federal law.