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close, but his definition is more appropriate for the neoconservative (ex liberal) such as
himself, rather than for the traditional conservative. Edmund Burke, the father of modern
conservatism, never had to be mugged by reality, for from his earliest age, he knew what
reality is.
Krypton, n. inert gas on planet earth, but the bane of Superman.
La Reconquista, n. The radical Mexicans’ hope to take over America. It seems to me that,
without adequate protection of our southern border, which we certainly do not have at
present, they are close to success. Further, witness the degenerate spectacle of Hispanic
students in a California high school raising the Mexican flag over our own, with very
little or no protest from local school authorities.
And more: The vaunted Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (the most overridden in the
country) has chosen to strike down some of Arizona’s recent immigration law, much to
the detriment of our country. Once Jan Brewer takes the case to the Supreme Court they
will, of course, be reversed. In the meantime, chaos results.
Labor Intensive, n. Childbirth.
Lachrymose, adj. From the Latin lachrima, tear. Meaning essentially, to weep, which I
certainly do in considering that the multi-trillion debt that the outrageous Obama
Administration, in collusion with Nancy Pelosi and Mr. Senator Mr. Reid from Nevada,
have imposed on our children, and our children’s children, unto the seventh generation
thereof. And by the way, did I forget Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, they of the relaxed
strictures on Fannie May and Freddie Mack, causing the entire real estate bubble to
Lackadaisical, adj. Condition you will find yourself in after having given away all of your
Lady Godiva, n. Had she not had such long, blonde tresses, would she have been able to
avoid her fate?
R. D. Laing, n. This radical psychiatrist, in his „The Politics of Experience,’ recommends
to us the following exercise. Fill a glass with tap water and then take a drink, leaving the
water in your mouth for a moment. Then spit the water back into the glass and take a
second drink, his expectation being that most people will be too squeamish to complete
the exercise. He then deems such squeamishness a human failing, evidently forgetting all
the while that one should expect humans to be more fastidious than animals. Else, why
invent the toilet?
Lake Ponchartrain, n. In regard to Katrina and New Orleans, why in the world would any
people not bereft of their sanity build a city between that lake and the mighty
Mississippi? Dikes have been known to give way. Further than that, why would any
thinking person believe that the main fault for the devastation lies with the Bush
administration, when the Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana were
asleep at their desks? Pace, James Lee Burke, only a liberal could be so confused and