The Dumbbell's Dictionary HTML version

Paul Johnson, n. Noted modern British historian. His „A History of the American People’
is nothing short of glorious. After all, any book that begins: „The creation of the United
States of America is the greatest of all human adventures,’ and concludes with: „America
is still the first best hope of the human race’ shows a true lover of America and the
humanity it stands for.
Jonah, n. It is reliably reported that he had a whale of a good time.
Ben Jonson, n. Poet and playwright, contemporary of Shakespeare. Penned the wonderful
„Drink to me only with thine eyes.’ Needless to say, should his lady have followed this
advice, she would have ended up with wine dribbling down her chin.
Journalstic Integretity, n, Another set of being that, for the most part, is lacking in current
Journey, n. Regardless of where it may lead us, to good or evil, to failure of success, it
behooves us to remember that each one begins with but a single step.
Journeys, n. To make the journey from Ronald Reagan’s America to Bill Clinton’s
America is to go from „a shining city on a hill’ to a continent-wide trailer park.
Judas Asparagus, n. The betrayer of Jesus with a kiss, for thirty pieces of silver.
Judgment at Nuremberg, n. A travesty, in that only one of the two parties guilty of crimes
against humanity was presented in the docks. The Nazis were, to be sure, horrible anti-
humans. The Soviets were worse. But then, the Soviets were on the winning side.
Judgmental, adj. Not to be confused with prejudice. Get the facts and make a decision
based on them. Every time you make a decision, you are making a judgment. I don’t
think that we need hear any more about prejudgmental.
Judicial Malfunction, n. And now it comes that a three-judge panel of the federal Sixth
Circuit Court rejects an appeal from the Thomas More Law Center and a group of
individuals who last year lost a challenge to Obamacare at the federal district level.
Carter appointee Boyce F. Martin wrote the majority opinion, asserting that Congress has
the authority under the Commerce Clause to regulate the non-commerce (My comment:
How can the Constitution support the Congress in regulating non-commerce behavior?)
of someone who chooses not to buy health insurance.
Bear in mind that the provisions of Obamacare the Sixth Circuit
decision upheld include fines and jail terms, should the government choose to impose
them. Judge James Graham, a Reagan appointee writing in dissent, had this to say about
the decision: „If the exercise of power is allowed and the mandate upheld, it is difficult to
see what the limits on Congress’ Commerce Clause authority would be. What aspect of
human activity would escape federal power?’
Juno, n. Wife of Jupiter, queen of the gods in the Roman pantheon, but without much of a
sense of humor.
Juvenal, n. Roman satiric poet of the early second century A.D. His scathing commentary
on the decadent manners and morals of ancient Rome is a classic that will last as long as
men can still read.