The Dumbbell's Dictionary HTML version

Jesse Jackson, n. Race baiting rabble rouser and extortionist extraordinaire. One must
wonder if, when he invaded Stanford University campus in the early 1970’s, shouting
„Ho, Ho, Western Culture’s got to go,’ whether he would have received the same
reception at the University of Peking, shouting: „Ho, Ho, Eastern Culture’s got to go.’
It is recounted that, during his 1984 presidential run, when he was asked what he would
do about defense, his reply supposedly was that he would paint it the same color as de
house. This exchange occurred when he was not venting about Hymietown.
Jessie Jackson, Jr., n. One can’t help wondering how this young man, shortly before
winning an Illinois special congressional election in December of 1995, could afford a
$540,000 mansion in the nation’s capital. Could it possibly be due to the fact that, a few
years prior to that special election, his shakedown - artist father managed to extort from
the prior owners, a good share of the Chicago beer distribution rights for Jesse, Jr. and his
Valerie Jarrett, n. Not just another millionaire advisor to Barak Obama. Spawned in the
same Chicago. Chief inhibitor of the final decision, made reluctantly by Obama, to go
after bin Laden.
Thomas Jefferson, n. Our third President. Primary author of the Declaration of
Independence, and perhaps the most learned of the founders, who were a group of very
learned men in history, in science, in economics in politics, and in philosophy. To wit: In
the first year of John Kennedy’s presidency he hosted a group of intellectuals in various
fields at a White House dinner party. He began his remarks to his guests by telling them
that there was that night more talent in the room than any other night, other than those
nights when Jefferson dined alone.
Jet Setters, n. People who sit (set) astride jet engines.
Jihadists, n. They are at war with us, but the Obama administration refuses to go to war
with them, even to the extent of striking the word „terrorist’ from the official lexicon. To
treat an act of terror plotted and committed on American soil as a criminal act rather than
an act of war, is patently ridiculous, showing the militants only weakness. By not treating
terrorists attacks as acts of war, we invite only escalation, greater bloodshed, and
exponentially greater loss of American lives.
Job Creation, n. I find myself forced to ask: Why is it that when Obama convenes a
council on job creation, the council’s members include only a bunch of CEO’s whose
companies have been shedding jobs for years? The council contains virtually none of the
small and midsize firms responsible for two-thirds of the nation’s new jobs over the last
few decades. Obama says, time and time again, that he is 100% focused these days on
creating jobs. I can’t help wondering whether he could come up with a better way to
prevent their creation.
And a further note. One of the many glaring differences between Ronald Reagan and Bill
Clinton as President lies in the credit they gave for American jobs created during their
respective watches. In his farewell address, Reagan said that the American people had
created the jobs. Time after time, however, Clinton, in contrast, repeated the mantra that
We (the government) had created the jobs. Which of these two men lived in the real
world, choosing not to lie indiscriminately?