The Dumbbell's Dictionary HTML version

may be molded into one. „ Now, I ask you, doesn’t that smack more than just a bit of
Plato’s „Republic’?
The Great Chain of Being, n. Just what is meant by that concept? If it does not allow for
the highway from the lowly amoeba all the way to God, it is of no use whatsoever.
The Great Gatsby, n. Perhaps F. Scott Fitzgerald was wrong. What if the rich are pretty
much like you and me? What if they are just as stupid, petty, screwed-up and flawed as
the rest of us?
Great Society, n. Precisely what Lyndon Johnson failed to achieve in his attempted
takeover of America. Witness the instant ghettos that resulted from his vaunted
restoration of America’s great cities.
Greece, n. Nation that has been at war on numerous occasions with Turkey in modern
times, such that one cannot help wondering whether, if Russia were to attack Turkey
from the rear, would Greece help.
Zane Grey, n. Early twentieth century American writer of Western novels, some of which
are now considered classics. A gentleman named Lassiter (a precursor to Jack Shaffer’s
Shane?) is the most endearing of his heroes, in his most enduring book. One cannot help
wondering, however, just how the book would have sold had Lassiter ridden the „Pink
George Grizzard, n. Fabulous humorist of the late last century. He died much too early.
My favorite book of his is: „Elvis is dead, and I don’t feel so good, myself.’
Groundhog, n. In view of their poor record of prognostication lo these many years, I
suggest that we fire all the groundhogs and start using prairie dogs or woodchucks.
Grovel, v. To kneel on one’s knees in the gravel.
Guess, v. A phsycologist/educationer named John Brunner wrote, some thirty or so years
ago what, I suppose he conceived to be a master work, „On Knowing’. Nonsense! One of
his favorite mantras was to concentrate and emphasize the concept of the guess. I have
believed, and still believe, that he let his education/degree get ahead of him. Consider: If
a surgical resident doesn’t KNOW that the hepatic artery serves the liver, if he performs
an operation on that organ, simply guessing what the hepatic artery does do, the chances
are probably better than even that he’s going to kill his patient.
Guillotine, n. Wonderful instrument for beheading enemies of the faith in the two worst
years of the French Revolution.
Guns and Butter, n. Fairly apt description of Lyndon Johnson’s 1965 attempts to achieve
both his Great Society and his continuation of the Vietnam War.
Johannes Gutenberg, n. He simultaneously did the world a great service and a great
disservice in inventing movable type. True, he facilitated the dissemination of a lot of
knowledge over the past 500 years, but also a lot of nonsense.
Guts, n. Intestines that the Obama administration doesn’t seem to have. Bow and scrape
seems to be more the current Pretender’s style. Can any of us recall a time when the
President of the United States of America bowed in the presence of a foreign potentate?