The Dumbbell's Dictionary HTML version

Gangster Government, n. Title of a just-released book by David Freddoso on the Obama
government. A more accurate title can’t even begin to be imagined, unless it would be
„thugocracy.’ This thug didn’t come to us from Mt. Olympus, but from the corrupt and
dirty politics of Chicago, including especially his antics as a „community organizer.’
The rages of the day seem to be: reward your friends; punish your enemies; use backdoor
deals and threats to push your unsound policies on unsuspecting voters; void property
rights in favor of union rights. And on and on and on. Oh and by the way, Obama is on
record as detesting our Constitution, saying things such as (to paraphrase) it prohibits
government from doing enough for the people as opposed to (which it does) limiting the
federal government to its enumerated powers. Obama can’t help remind one of Ben
Franklin’s quip about the orator with his flood of words and drop of reason.
Garden of Earthly Delights, n. What Marilyn Monroe offered and proved acceptable to
the Kennedy brothers, John and Robert. Remember the 1961 night at Madison Square
Garden when Marilyn sang happy birthday to President Kennedy? And if you don’t
believe me here, please check out the numerous biographies of the Kennedys, especially
Richard Reeves’s „A Question of Character.’
Garden of Eden, n. The early United States of America.
Gardening, n. Not so favorite pastime of Michelle Obama, who had the National Park
Service plant a 1,100 square foot garden in the south lawn of the White House in order
for her to be able to grow, and crow about, her magnificent fruits and vegetables, to
which she would feed the children of America, in order to eliminate baby fat. She,
meanwhile, has achieved a certain notoriety for her fondness for large cheeseburgers.
Yuri Gargarin, n. First man into space, shortly after Sputnick, thanks to the at that time
advanced Soviet technology, shortly surpassed by the efforts of the Eisenhower
administration. My question is: What thanks did Gargarin get from his country?
Gas Pains, n. Experienced when paying too much at the pump.
Gay, adj. Once upon a time, translated as more or less as a synonym for happiness,
frivolity, etc. Not so much any more. Just another example of the dessication and
destruction of our language.
Timothy Geithner, n. Our illustrious, for a time, Secretary of the Treasury; sometime
investment banker and board member of the World Bank, who couldn’t quite see how he
was required to pay around $40,000 in back taxes. I pay mine. Why shouldn’t he pay his?
Could it possibly be because he’s a Democrat in a gangster administration?
Gender, n. Absolutely disgusting, politically correct substitution for the word „sex’ in all
too many official documents circulating around America. The word „gender’ is a
grammatical term, referring especially to inflective languages that happen to have nouns
and pronouns in three declensions: masculine, feminine, and neuter. I recall an article a
few years back by Walter Williams in which he informed us that he and his wife were
having gender one night, when the phone rang and interrupted them.
General Obama? n. Please. This guy couldn’t even have made it through any one of the
services’ basic training, let alone let alone hope to be advanced to the rank of Private
First Class. As far as his being able to pass a security test, forget it.