The Dumbbell's Dictionary HTML version

Donkey, n. A stupid animal that has been adopted as the mascot of an American political
party that is even more stupid.
John Donne, n. I do believe he was mistaken in his „For Whom the Bell Tolls,’ where he
stated that the death of any man diminishes him. Were he alive today, would he mourn
the passing of Osama bin Laden?
Don’t fret, v. Want to become a good guitar player, than this is good
Eliza Doolittle, n. So named due to the fact that she did not do a lot.
Double Standards, n. Here’s one for the books, courtesy of internet news yesterday, July
1, 2011. Regarding the continuing debt limit negotiations between Republicans and
Democrats, „Obama, who once infamously said that he’d meet with murderous tyrants
such as Castro, Chavez, and Ahmadinejad “without preconditions” apparently won’t sully
the office by meeting for lunch with the Republican Senate Minority Leader.)’ And, to
further „sully the office,’ Obama’s Press Secretary, in a feeble attempt to justify the snub,
said that was “…not a conversation worth having.”
Norman Douglas, n. British writer 1868-1952. „It is one of the maladies of our age to
profess a frenzied rush to truth in unimportant matters, and refuse to face her where
graver issues are at stake.’
Dream, n. Who or what can replace a dream? It seems such a shame that mundane, stogy,
everyday reality never quite seems to measure up.
The DREAM Act, n. A misbegotten bit of legislation proposed and supported by
Congressional liberals, but never passed by Congress. No matter. The lawless
dictatorship that the Obama Administration has become has no problem bypassing the
legislative branch, whether the subject is Libya, or illegal aliens in this country.
It now appears that Obama will implement his DREAM Act by executive order. If
implemented, the Act will grant „conditional residency,’ (And yet again a euphemism
rears its ugly head) in other words, amnesty, to illegal alien students who meet various
criteria. According to the Director of Immigrations and Customs enforcement, there will
be no deportations under this program.
Dribbler, n. My dachshund puppy is not by any means a basketball player, but he
certainly is a world class dribbler.
Droit de Signeur, n. So-called right of the feudal ages’ lord of the manor to deflower a
bride in advance of her husband. See the movie starring Charleton Heston for evidence of
this disgusting right.
Drug Addiction, n. If it is a disease, what, pray tell, is its vector? What does referring to it
as a disease say about our attitude toward individual responsibility?
Drunken Sailor, n. An appellation that I personally resent, inasmuch during my United
State Navy careervisited many, many foreign countries, and tried my best to be an
ambassador for America in my every visit.