The Dumbbell's Dictionary HTML version

Dearth and plethora, n. If you can’t tell the difference, I feel for you, but somehow can’t
reach you.
Death Panels, n. Well now, if Obamacare had had its way, we would be saddled with
these and anti-life requirements and other anti-human requirements, such as individual
mandates requiring the uninsured to purchase health care polices. And bear in mind, if
you are a senior citizen, you are in everlastingly deep trouble. Of course, we would not
pay too much attention, these statists hope, to the United States Constitution I think not.
Obamacare would require another fifty federal bureaucracies, which, to this citizen,
would be a stretch too much.
The OMB admits that twelve attorneys general and three Supreme Court decisions have
refused to rubber-stamp the decisions of the Obama administration. Isn’t that enough said
about Obama Care? Well, no. Let’s not forget the death panels, especially as they are
described and forgotten into nothingness by the current Director of the Office of
Management and Budget. And further, he does not seem to be terribly concerned about
the unconstitutional provisions of the Act, such as individual mandates requiring
individuals to purchase health insurance or incur a fine and/or a prison term.
Death Penalty, n. All too often in our society, reserved for unborn babies, a la partial birth
abortion. Heaven forbid, per the benighted, sanctimonious righteousness of our liberals,
that it should ever be enforced in the case of a rapist, serial killer, or any other destructor
of human life. These anti-life pro-choice denizens of evil incarnated have their priorities
absolutely reversed. See Planned Parenthood.
Deduction and Induction, n. The centuries are filled with philosophical contention
between supporters of deductive and inductive logic as to which gives a truer picture of
reality. I find it interesting that the major premise in a syllogism, that paragon of
deductive logic, is always an instance of induction, which itself can never give an
absolute truth.
„Dealers and Dreamers,’ n. Title of an eighties book by Joseph Lasch, who had been a
personnel friend of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. The second part of his title was more
than appropriate, inasmuch all too many New Dealers did not live in the real world.
Defeated, adj. Condition in which you will find yourself if, sitting on the banks of a river
full of piranhas, you go right ahead and dip your feet into the river.
Deferment of gratification, n. If the ability to defer gratification is a requirement for
maturity, we are living in an ever more immature society. Just how many of our current
crop of cultural icons extol the virtues of waiting a bit?
Deficit spending, n. All, literally all of the Founding Fathers warned against it. We
currently have, for the first time in our history, a national debt that exceeds the current
gross domestic product. This, if not stopped or greatly slowed down, is going to kill
America. I would bet my last dollar that Obama’s so-called chief economic advisor has
never even heard of the following free market economists, thus: Ludwig von Mises;
Milton Friedman; James Buchanan (winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics); Thomas
Sowell; or, Walter Williams.
The Degeneration of American popular culture, n. Hootie and the Blowfish, The Dead
Kennedys, the Grateful Dead. Is this enough, or should I go on? Yeah, I can go on. How