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as an undergraduate. Moreover, one wonders how he became the editor of the Harvard
Law Review without having contributed a single article. Affirmative action, anyone?
Oliver Cromwell, n. Lord Protector of the short-lived English Commonwealth after the
beheading of Charles I. If I remember my history, things didn’t work out quite as he had
planned. Witness the advent, some years later, of William of Orange and Mary.
Crustacean, n. Large insect found in a loaf of bread, especially near the crust.
Cuban Missile Crisis, n. Came close to WW III, which we would have won, but at what
cost? Contrary to JFK’s campaign proclamations, there was no missile gap prior to his
election. We were far ahead of the Soviets in both throw weight and explosive force of
the missiles. Kennedy never should have allowed himself to be browbeaten by
Khrushchev at the Vienna summit earlier in 1961, for that browbeating led directly to that
Soviet leader’s assessment that here was a young coward he could not only deal with, but
The Bay of Pigs non-exercise probably reaffirmed that for Khrushchev. It undoubtedly
led to the Cuban Missile Crisis, wherein Kennedy became, almost overnight, a cold
warrior, and forced Khrushchev to back down. The question remains, or two questions
remain: Why wasn’t the American public made aware that Kennedy had agreed to
remove the Jupiter missiles from Turkey, and further, what kind of verification did we
put in place to ensure that the Soviet missiles had been indeed removed from Cuba?
Cultural criticism, n. Just how much sense does it make to set out to criticize a particular
culture if you haven’t the slightest idea what a culture is?
Cultural Depravity and Lunacy, n. Modern American style. Here’s one that should make
any rational person run for his life. Thus: A number of years ago I was involved in a
training session with approximately twenty other people.
One of the facilitators/instructors told me that I had been able to achieve a degree in
political science at age forty-two after five years of night school to complete my last two
years, only because someone else had failed. In other words, my hard work had produced
results for me only at the expense of someone who did not succeed. I asked the facilitator
to justify her comment. She couldn’t. Hers is the type of mind set that says much about
what is wrong with American culture.
Cultural Disintegration, n. Not that we need any more proof of it than to see and pay
attention to what’s going on all around us every day, but here’s just a little more. Observe
the popularity of rap groups such at 2 Live Crew or Nine Inch Nails, with their so-called
lyrics in furtherance of molesting women and killing cops. And isn’t it interesting that the
largest market for this garbage is white middle class teenagers?
Culture, n. A culture is a culture is a culture? Every culture is as good as any other, and
most better than that which exists in America? Every culture is appropriate to its time and
place? Pray ask the feminists who spout such nonsense whether they would be
comfortable should female genital mutilation (also known as clitoridectomy or the
sewing shut of the vagina) as practiced in central Africa and certain Arab countries to be
introduced on a mandatory basis in, for example, Madison Wisconsin, or Lincoln,
Nebraska. For that matter, American middle-brow culture is certainly better than no
culture at all.