The Dumbbell's Dictionary HTML version

Zeitgeist, n. The spirit of the age. What Obama and confederates have not the slightest
hope of ever understanding. You see, it takes an intellect of at least average power, to
understand such things.
Zigurrat, n. Non-filtered Tower built by Babylonians.
Zoology, n. The study of zoos.
And finally, Gentle Reader, you have my sincere thanks for bearing with me to the extent
that you have. I sincerely hope that you received as much pleasure in the reading as I did
in the writing. Well prior to this point you will have realized that this dictionary is a
thinly-veiled diatribe (albeit with bits of whimsy thrown in from time to time) against
everything having to do with the left, both leftist people and leftist programs, in this
country. The left has assumed many titles over the years: liberal, progressive, and even
radical. They are all anti-human and evil incarnate. If you attempt to call them on their
personnel, programs, and policies, you will inevitably be put off, if not downright lied to,
for liberalism itself has become, over the years, a touchy subject for those of the left.
April-July, in this year of our Lord, 2011.