The Dumbbell's Dictionary HTML version

Philip Wylie, n. American novelist and social commentator who wrote that Oregon was
only an idea. I am a native Oregonian. Thus my response was: „Maybe Wylie is only an
Wymen, n. Having absolutely nothing to do with women.
Xantippe, n. Try as I might, I can never remember that she was the wife of Socrates.
Xenophobia, n. Failing to love one’s neighbor as one’s self.
Xenophobic, adj. Condition imputed to all too many Americans who are unwilling to lie
down, play dead, and submit to multiculturalism.
Yalta Conference, n. Is it any wonder that both the Yalta Conference and the founding of
the idealistic United Nations were both such failures? Not with Alger Hiss involved at the
top in both instances.
Yank, n. or v. Northerner, or to pull suddenly.
Yangtze, One of China’s largest rivers, flowing into the Pacific. Not to be confused with
William Butler Yeats, n. British poet who died the year I was born (1939), Nobel Prize
Winner, and in my opinion, justly deserved. My favorite of his is „The Song of the
Wandering Angus,’ which ends so beautifully, thus: „And I will take her hand and kiss
her lips and walk through dappled grasses tall, and pluck till times are done, the silver
apples of the moon, and the golden apples of the sun.’
Yellow Fever, n. A disease that only the hopelessly cowardly seem to be afflicted with.
Frank Yerby, n. Author of thirty historical novels which, by acclimation, have been
included in the American Cannon. My favorites of his are: „The Saracen Blade,’ „An
Odor of Sanctity,’ and especially his „Goat Song,’ a novel of Sparta, and bear in mind
that his title bears a close resemblance to our word „tragedy,’ from which „goat song’
directly derives.
Yellow Balloon, n. Pace the Fifth Dimension and the Beatles, neither balloons nor
submarines should be painted yellow. How about pink?
Yellow Brick Road, n. Follow it to the White House, better known as „The Land of Oz.’
Yellow River, n. Novel written by I. P. Freely.
Yetti, n. Is he truly the abominable snowman, or merely Obama in disguise, or should I
say in white face?
Ypsilanti, n. City in southeast Michigan that on one has ever heard of.