The Dumbbell's Dictionary HTML version

World Bank, n. Together with the International Monetary Fund, a standing joke among
those who have the slightest acquaintance with elementary economics. Go ahead: lend to
dictators for building dams that never get built, and count your blessings if one dollar out
of one hundred ever gets to the supposed recipients.
World Enough and Time, n. Nice-sounding turn of phrase. We still have a lot of world
out there, but we are running out of time.
World Opinion, n. When a feckless ex president, in a speech at a major American
university says that America should be guided by the „wisdom of the world community,’
what exactly does he think he is talking about? This much we can determine with more
than a modicum of confidence: He is showing his true anti-American colors for the world
community, as he uses the term, can only be understood to be all those around the globe
who not only are not Americans, but the majority of whom are, to one degree or another,
against everything America stands for.
World Trade Center and 9/ll. It took very little time to become increasingly apparent that
Hillary Clinton’s constituents included neither the firemen nor policemen killed in trying
to rescue survivors of those attacks, and definitely not their surviving families.
World’s Shortest Book, n. „Joys of a Muslim Woman.’ Followed in a close number two
by „Bill Clinton’s Code of Ethics.’
World’s Smartest Man, n. Without question, Al Gore. He even beats out Stephen
Hawking. Don’t believe me, just ask him.
Faye Wray, n. Actress of the 1930’s who shocked more than a few people by daring to
ask just how big was the ding dong on King Kong.
Betsy Wright, n. God love her, Administrative Assistant in charge of the „Bimbo
Eruptions’ during the time Clinton was Governor of Arkansas. Here we go again, worthy
liberals: blame the victim.
Jeremiah Wright, n. Reprehensible advocate of black liberation theology. Absolutely un-
American. Saying „God Damn America,’ is no way to celebrate the strides that this
country has made to make double sure that the races are equal. And then, he was minister
to Obama and family for the past twenty years. Can any thinking being refuse to consider
that Obama may just have picked up some of Wright’s anti-Americanism?
I suspect that what Obama found over time that he needed each and every Sunday was
some „kick-ass, burn the house down social justice, the capitalists need to fry oratory.’
Two things: Does not the moral cretin that constitutes Obama realize that there is no such
thing as „social justice,’ that there is only justice for the individual,
not a group? And further, had it not been for this country of capitalism, he would not be
where he is today, namely: the recipient of something he in no way created, and has done
his best to date do destroy.
Write coherently, v. Something of a lost art of all too many Americans. Compare with a
high school graduate who can’t read a bus schedule, or balance a checkbook.