The Dumbbell's Dictionary HTML version

Vital Remnant, n. Perhaps some of us who refuse to be intimidated or daunted by the
curse of political correctness.
Vocabulary, n. It is a truism that the average person’s recognition vocabulary is
approximately three times the size of his functional vocabulary. Any person who is truly
educated should be able to get that ratio closer to one to one. I have in mind Sir Winston
Churchill, reputed to have one of the greatest working vocabularies of his age.
I’ll wager that in his case the ratio was just about one to one.
And speaking of vocabularies, here’s something to think about: A few years ago a co-
worker mentioned to me that he believed the average American adult’s vocabulary
consists of approximately 200 words. Thinking his estimate to be a bit low, that evening I
took approximately half an hour to write a list of 267 words whose first three letters are
„ext.’ The next day, when I showed the co-worker the list, he revised his estimate upward
Voltaire, n. Eighteenth century French philosopher, one of the greats, who had it exactly
right when he advised us to cultivate our garden. Some claim that he said the following,
others, that he didn’t, but could have. „Though I disagree with what you say, I will defend
to the death your right to say it.’ What he certainly did say was to define government as
an institution designed to take from some pockets and put into others.
Voluptuousness , adj. Not to be confused with voluminous.
Voter Stupidity, n. Also known as why some people should not vote. Also known as the
trouble with democracy. Recall the 1964 presidential campaign, when Goldwater
advocated privatizing the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). It develops that after the
election, a little old lady in New Hampshire said she voted for Johnson because
Goldwater was going to sell her TV.
Vulcanogolist, n. One who studies Vulcans.
Vulpine, n. Of or having to do with a wolf, or its behavior. Does this ring any bells
regarding our current national government?
Waivers Re Obamacare, n. I question both the validity and the veracity of these waivers.
So far, as I write in mid 2011, there have been granted by Washington, 1,372 such
waivers. What, pray tell, does that tell us about the equal application of the law? Just this.
There is no place for the little guy. The danger of waiver power is that it will be used
differentially, giving one private entity competitive advantage over another.
The Wall, n. John Hersey’s novel concerning the Warsaw Ghetto. Need we admit more
than that the Nazis finally overcame the heroic efforts of the Ghetto warrens to survive,
on approximately 300 calories per day? And all the while, the Soviet army waited on the
east bank of the Vistula. Welcome communism. Where, oh where, is Bill Ayers with his
small capital „c’ communist when he was needed? He has been misquoted? I doubt it.
You can see many, many videos of his trampling on the American Flag in recent years.