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Venusian, n. Not to be confused with an Earthling, irrespective of C.S. Lewis, for the
piebald human does not relate readily to the survivor on the floating islands.
Vergil, n. Anglicized name of Publius Vergilius Maro, 70 BC to 19 BC. Author of three
major poems, the most important of which was „The Aeneid,’ the epic national poem of
Rome. Ranking with „The Iliad’ and the „Odyssey,’ glorified Aeneas as, after his many
adventures since fleeing Troy, including his liaison with Dido, Queen of Carthage, the
founder of Rome in 753 BC (Ab Urba Conditis).
I have, as a sometime student of classical history, a couple of problems with that. Firstly,
if the Trojan War did in fact occur around 1200 BC, Aeneas would have been a very old
gentleman in the year 753 BC. Secondly, how do we resolve the differences between the
two myths, that of Aeneas versus that of Romulus and Rhemus, suckled by the she-wolf
and going on to found Rome?
Viccisitudes, n. If you’re lost here, so am I. I’ll hazard a guess that the term means what
the hell we’re not looking for.
Vietnam War, n. Did we lose it? Yes, but not on the battlefields of jungles and rice
paddies, for we never lost a set-piece battle, and that most assuredly includes the Tet
Offensive. But then, once Walter Cronkite (America’s most trusted and respected man?)
declared that the war was lost, then it was: in the more rarefied jungles of Washington,
and in the deliberations of the House and Senate.
Right. Cut off the funding, bring home our troops, and then watch Eisenhower’s domino
effect come to pass. At that point, one had to wonder just what would impel a nation in
need to become our ally. Pol Pot and his millions murdered in Cambodia, especially
anyone who wore glasses, was not that far away.
Virgin Olive Oil, n. Such oil has never….Well, you understand.
Virtue, n. Ayn Rand reminds us that it is what use when seeking to gain or keep a value.
All else is commentary.
Virtue and honor, n. If you don’t understand the concepts, or, more probably, choose to
ignore them, then you are of the modern liberal persuasion which, of course, would, in all
its manifestations, bring us back to the Stone Age. By that I do not mean the Neolithic,
nor the Mesolithic, but all the way back to the Paleolithic. The concepts of virtue and
honor are closely related to integrity which, sad to say, is sorely lacking inside the
Andrei Vishinsky, n. Stalin’s chief prosecutor in the Soviet purge terror trials of 1937-38.
Care to guess how many of the accused were found innocent? None, and that includes top
generals of the Soviet army, which led in no small part to the unreadiness of the Soviet
military when the Nazis attacked in June of 1941, in just a slight abrogation of the 1939
Nazi-Soviet Non-Agression Pact. It seems that every now and again the old adage
applies: no honor among thieves.
„The Vision of the Anointed,’n. Thomas Sowell’s classic work that shows in withering
detail just how far removed from reality are the liberal denizens of the inside of the
Beltway, i.e., Washington D.C.