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constitute your death warrant. And, just as an aside, the word comes from the Greek, and
means „nowhere.’
Uxorius, adj. If we are indeed such a patriarchal society, then why is it that the English
word „uxorious,’ meaning excessive devotion or attention to the wife, has no counterpart
dealing with excessive attention to the husband?
Valedictorian, n. Endangered species. The term means, strictly from the Latin; „Goodbye
Sayer.’ Well of course, in our politically correct universe nowadays, we, Heaven forfend,
should not elevate any individual above the heard. You see, the concept of valedictorian
is special, recognizing the attainments of someone who just happens to be above the
crowd. For God’s sake, please do not hold your breath until this bedrock of the universe
has again been recognized.
But in recent years, sad to say, the very concept of valedictorian would of course offend
and absolutely negate the supposed equality of all that schooling. God forbid it that
anyone fail. Nobody, literally nobody, gets anything less than a passing grade. At this late
stage, I find myself wondering just what our teenagers are imbibing during their so-called
years of education. The way of the world? I sincerely doubt it. In 1957 I came close, but
was not good enough to be the Valedictorian of my graduating class. That is the way it
was, and how it should have been.
Valhalla, n. In Norse mythology, where the heroes go after death.
Valkyeries, n. The choosers of the slain to inhabit Valhala. Obama and company would
never qualify.
Valor, n. Discretion being the better of, especially with respect to foreign leaders. Should
be the official motto of the foreign policy apparatus of the Obama administration. Barak
Obama would rather bow and scrape than stand up like a man, especially the man who
represents the greatest country in the history of the world, except for now, of course.
Martin Van Buren, n. Democrat eighth president of These United States (Please, no „this
United States.). Essentially invented the two-party system during the presidency of
Andrew Jackson. That invention didn’t, however, do Mr. Van Buren a whole lot of good.
True, he succeeded Jackson, but only for one term, losing to the Whig William Henry
Harrison (Tippecanoe and Tyler too.), who managed to die after only a month in office,
allowing John Tyler to become the first sitting vice-president to succeed to the presidency
prior to the expiration of his predecessor’s term.
Thorsten Veblen, n. Veblen, in the early twentieth century, wrote „A Theory of the
Leisure Class.’ He might have more profitably devoted his time to writing on the leisure
of the theory class.
Vegetable, n. Why is it that they are crowded out by weeds, rather than the other way
Vehicular homicide, n. Killing of an automobile.
Veneer of Civilization, n. Always has been and always will be pretty thin.