The Dumbbell's Dictionary HTML version

United States of America, n. Once the greatest country in history, or as Ronald Reagan
put it: „The last best hope of earth.’ If such is still the case, it certainly won’t be for much
longer, not under the apologetic, obsequious Obama administration, which cannot seem
to conduct international relations without asking truly evil regimes to forgive America for
its past arrogance and bullying. These people don’t seem to understand the
perniciousness of moral equivalence.
The United States Navy, n. Not mine any more, I suppose, not when the Office of Navy
Chaplains recently condoned, nay, encouraged homosexual marriages between Navy
members. I had twenty years of honorable service, retiring in 1976 as a Chief Petty
Officer. When I was stationed aboard USS Enterprise, I would not have appreciated, nor
would have I condoned, a butt to butt encounter with any Chief of a homosexual
persuasion on my way to the shower. There would have been blood on the deck, (deck,
not floor, we are after all talking Navy talk here) and it wouldn’t have been mine.
Universe, n. It is all that there is, whether one is comfortable studying cosmogony or
cosmology. Please continue to think about galaxies like grains of sand. Rather immense,
don’t you think? Either your glass is half full, or it’s half empty, or perhaps all the way
Urine, n. Either urine, or you’re out.
Useful Idiots, n. Lenin’s characterization of those in the capitalist countries who would
provide the ropes that would hang them. This precept holds true almost one hundred
years later: Consider the current administration’s overtures to the Iranian Republic.
Utilitarianism, n. Political philosophy that concentrates on „The greatest good for the
greatest number.’ Seems to me that once that so-called good has been determined,
whatever happens to the minority, even a minority of one, becomes inconsequential.
Underwhelmed, adj. Not, for Heaven’s sake, to be confused for an instant with
UNICEF, N. United Nations International Children’s Education Fund. It develops that
UNICEF simply does not want children to know whether they are male or female. This,
from a recent Internet New article: “Early gender socialization (not sex, mind you, but
gender) is deemed unhealthy for children.” This international agency, exercising all its
progressive proclivities, defines „gender socialization’ as “the process by which people
learn to behave in a certain way, as dictated by societal beliefs, values, attitudes and
examples,” Needless to say, UNICEF, in its infinite wisdom, does not approve of this
process of gender socialization. Does that sound ok? If it does, gee, let’s all become
United Nations, n. Barry Goldwater had it exactly right: „…the greatest forum for liars
the world has even seen.’ When, in the General Assembly, a total of around ninety
nation-states with a combined population less than the State of California can outvote
America and its few remaining allies, what stage of international perdition have we
managed to reach?
Utopia, n. The beautiful world that „progressives’ want to build. An obvious
impossibility, and beware if you don’t want to live there, because your refusal will