The Dumbbell's Dictionary HTML version

My favorite Trumanism, however, is his statement that he would
prefer a one-armed economist in his administration, due to the fact that he tired of
economic advisors telling him one thing on the one hand, and then contradicting that
advice on the other.
Truncated Equilibrium, n. Stephen Jay Gould’s failed attempt to explain the absence of
fossils around the planet during the so-called Great Cambrian Leap. Why, pray tell, are
there no connecting fossils to what came after?
Truth, n. Another concept hopelessly confused by the so-called thinking class. Some
things are true, and some not. It is the responsibility of discerning thinking to tell the
difference. And if, as some „advanced thinkers’ would have us believe, that is true that
there is no such thing as truth, I’d like somebody to deconstruct that for me.
Turkey, n. Ben Franklin wanted it as the symbol of America, America’s national bird, so
to speak. If he’d had had his way, it would have become the American bird, rather than
the Eagle. Ah, but could he come back the day after tomorrow and take a look at the mess
our so-called educational institutions have made, he would surely feel vindicated.
Mark Twain, n. AKA known as Samuel Clemens. One of America’s greatest
novelists/satirists. If you haven’t encountered Puddin Head Wilson or Huck Finn, you
haven’t lived. I also remain enthralled by his statement, early in the last century (He died
in 1910.) that reports of his demise had been greatly exaggerated.
Ugly American, n. Appellation that became, in the early 1960’s, pretty much the
discourse pertaining to Americans abroad. Problem was, and still is, that overweight,
loud-mouthed people do not constitute the majority of a country that has done more to
alleviate the problems of the world than has any other.
Ugly Baby, n. I readily admit to having been one and further, the past seventy years have
done absolutely nothing to better the situation.
Ulysses, n. Greek Hero of the Iliad, King of Ithaca. Poked the Cyclops Polyphemus in his
one eye with a sharp stick.
Umbrella, n. Let a smile be yours on a rainy day, and you’re sure to get rained on.
Underdogma, n. Campaign strategy pursued by certain liberals who know they have a
present advantage in the race, and want to be perceived as one of the under dogs that
America is so fond of.
Undocumented, adj. Another case of a euphemism that will, unless called a halt to,
eventually kill this nation. You see, according to the current administration, there are no
longer anywhere from twelve to twenty million illegal aliens among us. No, these poor
souls are now known as „undocumented workers,’ and they are stealing us documented
workers blind. You can translate „undocumented workers’ to read as morphing into
Democrat voters if Obama and gang have their way.
Unintelligible, adj. Could be said of any of the utterances of one of America’s current
liberal Democrat politicians.